I was surprised to discover…

Most of America’s wealthiest men and women park their wealth in real estate.

So I asked, “why?”

Because when you’re empowered to develop your dreams… you’ll start to work towards change in the lives of your family, your community, and lives around the world.

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Investing With A Purpose

The principle behind “Investing With A Purpose” is the cornerstone of my success in real estate… and a secret rarely shared by successful business owners.

That’s why I wrote a book that goes deep into this investing philosophy, and shows you how you can learn to build your own business, tapping into the power of “purpose”. You can also learn how to turn self-doubt and failure into a life-long successful mindset.

Not only that, but I share all the incredible insights I’ve gathered over my 12-year investing journey…. Insights that will give you practical strategies to implement in your real estate business.

What you get is a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to build your real estate business the right way, to maximize its potential.

Packaged Meals Served To U.S. Families

Deployed Capital In Florida Alone

Real Estate Transactions Worldwide

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What People Say

Rick is that rare individual who combines innovative thinking with a compassionate heart. His incredible work with Feeding Children Everywhere has led to the delivery of 300,000 meals to refugees struggling for survival. His positive energy and commitment to serve others becomes a magnet for good deeds, and an inspiration to everyone around him.

Dave Green, CEO

Feeding Children Everywhere

As the Owner of four Keller Williams Realty offices in Central Florida – that collectively sell over $1.7 billion in real estate annually – I have the good fortune of working with the most talented individuals in the industry. Rick stands shoulder to shoulder among the top lenders in America, and he is the man I trust more than anyone else to find lending solutions for my investor clients.

Chris McLaughlin, Operating Principal

Keller Williams Realty in Central Florida

Rick’s real estate knowledge is mind blowing and his personality is electric! He’s also a gifted teacher who shares this knowledge willingly and with poise. I've featured Rick on my radio shows many times to discuss investing strategies that build wealth. That’s how I’ve been able to learn so much from Rick, and I'm proud to call him a close friend and a true mentor.

Abhi Golhar, CIO

Summit & Crowne/Host of the Think Realty Podcast & The Abhi Golhar Show

A New Way

To Invest

In my new book, I share the strategies I’ve learned over the years to find success in real estate.

There are 2 reasons I wrote this book.

For one, I’m tired of seeing investors think they’re making sound investment choices, but end up exposing themselves in ways that could lead to failure.

Second, it’s not about making money. It’s about allowing your money to work for you… so you don’t have to. And with more free time, you can start to fulfill your purpose.

When you infuse PURPOSE into your real estate investment strategy, you could start to learn how to leave your legacy.

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